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sorry your password must contain the entire alphabet, your left foot, a theme song to a television show, and the blood of your enemies 

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Finding a typo in a book


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Green Screen gifs

Jennifer Lawrence / body appreciation

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As long as it isn’t a saftey hazard, I don’t see why we can’t have them. And yeah, if the tattoo is inappropriate or if your plugs have something inappropriate on them, then I can see why they would want them covered up it taken out. But if you have blue hair and the store or whatever wont hire you because of that, fuck them. I like your blue hair, I’ll hire you.


One hundred percent support

i cant even tell you how sick to fucking death of this body policing bullshit i am. its 2014, we’ve cloned sheep, get the fuck over it and hire a person with cotton candy pink hair and metal in their face, what the fuck is the problem???

If it’s against the law to discriminate someone because of their skin colour it should be against the law to discriminate what’s on their skin too 100% support this

^ although I think it’s completely wrong to discriminate against anyone because of tattoos and piercings don’t fucking act like it’s the same as skin colour,you choose to get piercings and tattoos not what fucking race you are

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